When developing a mobile app the several important questions that concern developers are how can they make it work on other platforms. For smooth functioning in every platform like iOS, Android, and Windows, you need to have Native mobile components. But repeatedly when you are working in the Native mobile environment it becomes considerably long and a lot of obstacles come up. When you are operating with a Native app for small adjustments you need to rewrite the complete coding process.

An extensive pool of developers who are experienced in several technologies is required to develop an app for all stands. The testing phase is very long-spun because the results of the testing method are always kept. Quality control is also pretty long as recognizing the bug is normally very complicated. But even after covering all of these annoyances, mobile app development companies have not been able to abandon the technology and preferably have invested in finding a platform for developing Native apps minus the above-mentioned complications.

Facebook used JavaScript to build React Native that empowers the developers to use React simultaneously with the Native platform abilities smoothing out the above-mentioned challenges. It explains the process of coding, testing, and quality checking, and also supplies a continuous user experience. Facebook used JavaScript and a particular mark-up language JXL to build React Native that provided communication between JS threads and existing Native app threads. React Native platform explained the problem of reproducing the codes and asymmetrical performance of the apps. This is the first significant advantage that React Native provides to mobile app development assistance.

React Native’s reputation as a cross-platform app development solution is pretty high and is still in the higher direction. With constant development, Facebook is getting it easier to manage so it can improve its market share every day. Some of the most popular apps that apply React Native as their mobility resolution are Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, etc.

Why React Native Platform Is The Most Favoured One

Let us now consider why is React Native the usual popular mobile app development platform. One of the causes for this is that Facebook delivered it after they worked and examined it on their mobile app.

1. Single Coding – With React Native platform one codebase is designed that complies likewise with both Native Java and Swift codes. This presents the app to work evenly in both iOS and Android by creating a bridge-like mechanism that provides communication in both directions within the UI components and Native components. Synchronizing characteristics and layouts are no longer demanded, which makes the development process much quicker.

2. No Special Skill Required – React Native does not require any specific technical know-how. Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required which is affordable and readily available. JavaScript developers with limited self-education can practice React Native to develop world-class business mobility solutions. A basic understanding of the web components and their counterpart mobile elements is required.

3. Quicker Development- When you have an individual coding system that connects to both iOS and Android, the development method becomes much quicker. It is like building a single solution for supporting different devices according to common code. So the development time is split. The quality is improved, which means that you have a class product with development to market time decreased by a considerable margin.

4. Cost Reduction- Usually any new technology is connected with a greater cost of development and even higher for two separate platforms. But now platforms can be combined with a single code. Braided versions are continuously published in the market so your app is automatically renewed at no additional cost. They update the usability of the React elements and the Native elements, which means that the overall updating is happening at no extra cost.

5. Easy Debugging- With React Native platform the ultimate process of testing and quality control is furthered up. This is feasible because the root cause can be quickly figured out and similar debugging can be done with a single coding. The QA phase is expedited up while making the app protected for all platforms. Reciprocated debugging is done all along the development process, thus preserving a lot of time, and you can access the market more immediately with a quality business mobility solution.

6. Simultaneous Release- Marketing an app is quite pricey and pushing it to the top rank scores to the cost. A large amount from the designated development budget goes to marketing and advertising. Responsibilities double up if you have to go for separate launches of your app for diverse platforms. React Native mobile app development assistance can cut the cost considerably by applying a single marketing policy. Synchronous launch on all platforms will not only diminish the cost but gives more powerful marketing and enhances the referral rate for your app.

7. Single Development Team- With React Native you do not require a separate development team for each platform, a definite maintenance team, and even a design manager to coordinate the different teams. Instead of having many diverse teams now, you can work with one specialist team for all the platforms, doing all the duties from development and testing to support. This decreases employee obligations as well as the development-to-market time. The lessened payments will allow you to give more employee bonuses and you can now have a content and stable workforce.

8. Simple UI/UX- The apps that are explained using React Native do not take higher loading times and deliver a wonderful user experience. A good and easy UI/UX forever satisfies users. React Native allows an extremely simplified UI. Apps that are produced on React Native have a really responsive design and so their loading time is considerably reduced.


React Native platform is constantly the most suitable choice for app development because it reduces the cost considerably in several sections. It reduces the time so you can be an unexpected entrant in the market without negotiating on the quality. The three main criteria for a prosperous app, that is time, cost, and quality, are achieved by using React Native. So it is the common and effective platform for app development for every mobile app development company. For more details and to see whether it fits your requirements come to Skyhidev, the top mobile app development company in Toronto.