If you are thinking of developing an app for your business, then most probably you would be thinking of whether a native or hybrid app is the best for you? If you want to choose one among these, then you are reading the right article. We will discuss both Native apps vs Hybrid apps in detail and see which one will fit your business needs better.

Before we move into the swirl of Hybrid and Native apps, let me make clear one thing. That is the customer experience. Mobile phones are not merely a tool or an electronic device today. They have very well turned out to be a personal device. Every mobile user expects a reliable, responsive, and safe app. Keep this in mind before you move on choosing between Hybrid and Native apps.

Native and Hybrid Apps – A Quick Overview

An app that is built based on the guidelines of the OS, within the mature ecosystem of a particular Operating System is called Native apps. Just because of the above-mentioned reasons, the native apps perform far better and can easily access built-in features of the mobile like camera, GPS, connectivity, etc. They are developed to suit a particular OS and therefore, their in-app interaction and performance all look fitted to the OS.

Whereas Hybrid apps appear to be like Native app, but inside they are mobile apps developed using HTML5 and JavaScript. These apps are wrapped in a Native container, to make them look like Hybrid apps.

Time to Market

One factor that determines which one to choose from is time to market. If your company wants to develop an app, and the expected time to release the app is less than 6 months- then choosing Hybrid apps will be a wise choice. Alternatively, if you have a much elongated time to launch your app, then choosing Native will be the best choice. Why? Because native apps perform better, provide high security, and the best user experience.

Speed and User Experience

Your end-users do not look into what your choice was. They will always expect the app to perform well in terms of speed and user experience, just as they expect with any other app. Taking these two points into consideration, the winner is always Native apps.

Why is user experience important?

Years before user experience was not a big deal. The websites then proved it. But today, the users expect a quality user experience, or else they tend to move towards an alternative option (the one like your competitors). A good user experience is what makes your users use your app and complete their desired action with no thought of frustration. As we have countless Native apps vs Hybrid apps available to perform a particular task, if the user experience is not up to mark- it’s easy for your app to get rejected.

Do you need your app to function on multiple platforms?

Developing an app that functions on both iOS and Android is a wise choice, still, you need to think over it. Whether you need your app to run on both platforms right away or not. Let us take Instagram as an example. They released their Android version only after 2 years, that is after making their iOS version solid perfect. So if your situation is not an emergency one, then it is better to wait and release each version separately, more professionally.

When to choose Hybrid apps?

You immediately(like within 4 months) need an app in both versions as you need to test a private market, with the viability of your app OR you have some strong reasons to do a web app, then choosing the Hybrid app will be wise.


Both choices have their pros and cons. The advantages take over the disadvantages when the situation demands to choose one over the other. Faster development, single code base, compatibility with different OS, and lower budget make the Hybrid apps more attractive. Still, the company will need to spend more money and time fixing the app’s issues related to performance and UI. Here is where Native apps gain. In-class security, performance, UI, etc are made perfect here. In addition to that, the apps will have easy access to inbuilt features like camera, connectivity, GPS, etc. The more money you spend on Native apps will help you in the long run. Let it be anything that you choose, at Skyhidev we can help you with our mobile app development company Toronto.