The mobile app development industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever. We have numerous technologies that make evolution possible. And one among such technologies is the Internet of Things. The technology of connecting several devices is now celebrated by almost every industry like education, healthcare, etc. When there is an evident rise in demand for IoT, the IoT mobile app development has also paved the way so far. In this article I wish to discuss how IoT shapes the future of Mobile app development, and to begin we will have a brief overview of IoT.

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

In simple words, IoT is connecting several physical gadgets to operate them remotely, or without physical contact. Here we establish the connection between each device through the Internet. Why has this technology become too popular? The reason is simple, it makes your life simpler. You can operate on the devices connected to the Internet even if you are not close to it.

In the coming years, it is expected that IoT technology would have an exponential rise. The IoT supporting mobile applications again makes things easier for the user. Hope IoT is clear to all, and now we can move on to see why IoT mobile app development has a future.

IoT and the Future of Mobile App Development?

Even before the advent of IoT, mobile apps were fairly popular in helping businesses. The clients could make everything possible through mobile apps. Just because of this, the companies started to develop an app for their business.

And in the middle of these, when the IoT started becoming popular, the evolution of mobile apps have changed tremendously. That is what we are discussing in today’s article.

Open-Source Development

Open-source development implements immense clarity between the developer and the development process. Since several platforms were open-source, we have so far created several high-end apps.

With the IoT becoming more popular, integration of IoT with some popular frameworks and implementing them as an open-source will help developers create IoT mobile applications in a better way.


In this era of connecting devices over the internet through the technology called IoT, the term connectivity itself means a lot. The conventional way of connecting two gadgets includes WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Whereas to make a change and bring in a trend, the developers are contemplating on developing a new idea to connect devices.

The ideas and notions are developing and have not yet reached the point of making them practically possible. In such cases, the IoT app development will also depend on it, the developers will have to execute a plan to create a connection between their app and the desired gadget.

Improved Hybrid App Development Scopes

Native apps are the ones developed solely for a particular OS, apart from having several advantages over Hybrid apps, still people expect to have a rise in demand for Hybrid apps. When considering the debate whether hybrid apps or native apps is good, and Native wins, still we expect to have more Hybrid apps.

The reason is simple, with a shorter period using the Hybrid app concept, we can build an app that works perfectly for more than one platform. When dealing with IoT mobile app development, hybrid apps have a better scope.

More Interactive Apps and Easier Customization

IoT mobile app development is all to handle some external device connected to the internet, through the so-called mobile app developed.

It is the basic purpose of developing an IoT mobile app. However, IoT technology can make the apps far more interactive to the users. In addition to that, the process of customization is almost made much better.

Niche Building

Mobile app development is a wide area, with scopes for several technologies. When IoT has developed to be successful, with IoT mobile app development, this itself has turned out to be a new niche in the field of mobile app development.

The developers can now focus on just app development or the great IoT mobile app development. To find yourself an expert in between several connected gadgets and users, the developers should have a prospect in future technologies and the associated advancements in it.

Growing Innovative Businesses

Every business aims to find a problem or issue faced by their prospective clients, and they try to introduce a smart solution to overcome that problem. With the advent of IoT, even the businesses around us have started to think about things more smartly. They decided to look into the common problems faced by their clients as usual, but bringing a solution had a different path.

The solution was based on IoT technology. Gradually the businesses looked on the IoT mobile app development to assist them in serving their clients. And that was one more reason that makes IoT the future of mobile app development in 2021.

Location Independence

Once the devices in your home or office are connected to the internet, using an IoT mobile app you can control them irrespective of your location.

Turning your Air Conditioner on before you reach your home is not anymore a big task with the technology of IoT. Complete location independence is guaranteed with IoT and the connected smart gadgets, through your IoT mobile app.

Less Human Effort

Takedown every human effort, increase the functionality and user experience- these statements will be similar to the motto every IoT mobile app development team will have in their head. IoT mobile apps make the living of human beings simpler in an unthinkable way.


The above mentioned are the reasons examining why and how IoT can change the future of mobile app development. Above all, when you can control the whole system connected to the internet over a fingertip, who else would say a no to this amazing technology. Thus for sure, the technology is expected to stay longer, and besides the conventional style of mobile app development will experience a revolutionary change to IoT mobile app development. Come and meet the experts at mobile app development company Toronto, Skyhidev to develop an IoT mobile app for your business.