Three decades ago, mobile face recognition apps appeared more like something out of a sci-fi movie. Since then, we’ve evolved too far. Today, people not simply use facial recognition tech for improving the security of their devices, but also for performance purposes (like Animoji). Only time can tell how this technology will be completed in the future. For now, we are giving some of the best face recognition apps for both iOS and Android that will certainly surprise you.

1. FaceLock

The app does only one responsibility. That is Lock the device/application by applying your face as a passkey. The task manager, perspectives, and market are defended so no one can force-stop and uninstall FaceLock out of the box. It is desirable to train the FaceLock on more pictures to get approved in challenging lighting situations. Also, there is an opportunity to enhance safety by advancing the security level.

2. LogMeIn

This is a facial-driven search engine based on connection and extent. Just upload your photo from your mobile camera or gallery and LogMe will identify and select faces from the pictures. The apps allow you to scan similar faces based on the degree of resemblance or distance of the upload. Also, it is reasonable to send private messages to the affiliates who uploaded the photos including the faces you saw. Since the app is new, it isn’t flawless, especially since the Android version renders few glitches.

3. IObit Applock

iObit Applock guards your privacy and data security by locking system settings and hidden apps. It has a face lock and fingerprint lock system to quickly unlock apps without the need for a password. The app practices AI to identify your face and unlock the app immediately. If your apps are secured, you don’t have to bother about people seeing your special content from notifications, as it protects the data from the notification hub too. Also, it takes the snooper’s image and informs you through email.

4. Luxand FaceSDK

Luxand is created for developers. It gives face recognition SDK and face disclosure APIs, which allow all types of characteristics for apps, including prognosticating what children will look like in the future, converting faces into 3D avatars, expanded reality facial filters, and more. More particularly, facial feature identification lets you automate post-processing like skin tone correction and red-eye extraction.

5. FaceBot Facial Expression

This is a face recognition app that can scale attractiveness and discover the most suitable selfie from a bunch of photographs using anonymous questions. It recognizes the appearance in your pictures using face recognition. Once your facial appearance is identified, you can create pseudonymous questions and find what photographs make you professional, beautiful, or intelligent. This is a fun app and to change face analyzer, use photos in which your appearance is clearly apparent.

6. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

Applock by Sensory blends facial recognition with voice recognition to effectively acquire the private content. You can set your own unlock catchword to enter the locked apps. It works primarily by registering your face and voice in a method called enrollment. As soon as AppLock’s advanced voice and face biometrics confirm your voice or face (or both), your application will start spontaneously.

7. BioID Facial Recognition

BioID is a cloud biometrics business with its own different anonymous multimodal biometric authentication. The company declares they make powerful, privacy-assured face and voice identification, available by all means. Developers can quickly add available face recognition apps to their designs, without any more extensive understating of biometrics.

8. Face2Gene

Face2Gene is a healthcare app that employs facial recognition to help bioinformatics and clinicians to identify particular ailments in patients. It uses a restrictive algorithm for analyzing individual faces to those with symptoms that show a comparable morphology. The app identifies phenotypes and exhibits appropriate facial and non-facial features and displays associated syndrome matches. Besides, it gives you admittance to the London Medical Database to explore complexes and display photos and features.

9. EmoticonAR for Messenger

This app understands your sensation in an image and automatically puts Emoticons at the best spot of your face, by applying Qualcomm Snapdragon processor facial recognition characteristics. EmoticonAR can understand people’s feelings and place emoticon by identifying the perfect place for the mouth and eyes. It has built-in 10 different conditions, including bright, amazing, down, exhausted, content, and tired. If you want, you can utilize photo filters also.

10. Moments by Facebook

Moments enables you to generate shared photo albums and immediately send photos to your relatives and friends – and get photos after. It automatically creates pictures and videos on mobile by location, time, and bodies in photos. The face discovery feature can choose who is in the image.

11. True Key

True Key (developed by Intel Security) supports you spontaneously log into your favorite situations using your face. It synchronizes your smartphone, tablet, and desktop to implement more authority over your digital connections.

The app protects your identification by combining them with one of the most powerful encryption algorithms like AES-256. It also contributes to Multi-factor authentication, which will forever support you twice before permitting you in. You can pick one of these programs or unlock things with your individual face mathematical example using Face log in.

12. Animoji for Android

Since Apple originated their iPhone X, Face recognition apps have really improved. They’ve added dedicated hardware to obtain their FaceID favorably than other popular apps. It uses face-scanning characteristics to create the 3D model depending on your facial appearance.


Distinguishing human faces in digital images has a diversity of applications, from biometrics and healthcare to video inspection and protection. In subjective terms, face identification is a method through which individuals locate and tend to faces in a visual picture. If you want to develop a face recognition app, then share your ideas and requirements with us. We are the best mobile app development company in Toronto and we are confident enough to say that we can provide you with the best results.