Do you intend to develop e-commerce websites and enhance your sales through it this year? It is easy for your customers to distinguish between a mediocre online store and a quality online store. When you decide on an e-commerce website development make your customers feel good while they browse your website to buy something. To give them the feel of comfort and pleasure we have few tips discussed here.

User Interface Tips

The products people wish to buy from your e-commerce website is the key factor that holds them to your store. Website development requirements should involve these tips.

Appealing images

The first thing that strikes a customer while browsing the e-commerce website is the image of the product. The product details and customer reviews are secondary. So always choose the most beautiful and appealing images to grab customer attention. Only then we will have the second step of making the customer buy it.

Detailed product demos

The product details through pictures should not end with stunning images. A video testimonial from genuine buyers or staff who sell it can be effective. Similarly, some stores like Rebecca Minkoff make the demo too detailed that the users can see what fits in the handbag they wish to buy by virtually placing objects into it.

Extended navigation bar

A minimalistic approach to the navigation bar like men, women, kids, etc. cannot give the users a smooth experience. The wider the navigation bar is, the easier it is for the users to choose the categories at once.

Variety of filters

What the users are looking for may be different from one to the other. It is easy for them to find what they are looking for when the right filter is applied. Make the e-commerce website more effective with filters dedicated to a brand, price, size, etc.

Personalized product description

While providing the product description take care to make it more personalized. Technical specifications are good, but still, it can be overwhelming for an average consumer. It is better to provide the details as you speak with your friend on how the product works and the uses of it under different circumstances. More meaningful the description is that it is easy for the consumers to understand the product standards.

Personalize consumer tips

In the previous sections, we have discussed how to give your customers attractive and quality web experience. Here we discuss with more detailed tips for e-commerce website development that make the customers more comfortable.

Customer reviews

Positive or negative reviews made by customers help build your brand loyalty. Reviews can enhance your reputation and demonstrate the business transparency you maintain. Positive reviews can drive sales as new buyers get to know about the product they decide to buy. Alternatively, negative reviews when displayed show your honesty.

Live chat support

When the customers keep bouncing away from your e-commerce website, to find the reason for this a live chat can be helpful.  Live chats can bring personalized interactions with customers and can handle theirs on the spot concerns and objections. With proper live chat support, the sales can be increased exponentially.

Cover FAQs on Your Website Effectively

With experience you will know what your customers would like to ask you, to know more about how to handle your e-commerce website. Answer these questions in advance so that your customers don’t need to leave your website just because they don’t know how to move forward. Try to include details about the whole cycle of purchase.

Personalized recommendations

Track your customers browsing history and suggest products related to their previous search. Suggest products under the same category or brand which makes searching easier for the customers.

Create Scarcity

When your customers feel the products they are looking for have a lesser stock, automatically it creates a feeling of urgency. The strategy of scarcity can increase conversion. You can implement this tip either by providing a limited period offer or with limited stock availability.

Declare Free Shipping

One of the best attractions the customer feels is free shipping. When your customers enjoy the privilege of shopping from home, regardless of the time they usually expect an added benefit of free shipping. Include this in your e-commerce website development.

Concluding note

We have several other practices too. Still, if you incorporate these activities alongside your e-commerce website development you will experience the profitable results. Evaluate the conversion rates regularly and improve the strategies accordingly. For the right and quality making of e-commerce website development Vancouver comes to meet the experts at Skyhidev.