USB Devices are around for more than a decade and zero much has developed when it comes to the necessary protocols. People still use it, reason being, USB storage devices are so small and compact. But at the same time, what we don’t recognize is the hazards of losing our data. To deal with this, we can consider two things. You should always back up the data on your USB drive someplace safe, maybe like a cloud drive. Or You should admit encrypting the USB drive. Especially if you are carrying sensorial data.

What is Encryption?

If encryption appears new to you, don’t worry it’s honestly a simple process. In plain terms, encryption is an act of modifying data so that no illegal person can obtain, read, or change the data. This conversion is done by complicated algorithms that use passwords or key files. Now, if the person on the other side wants to reach the data, he needs to give the password or key file. Encryption is one of the most efficient ways to complete data security.

Do We Really Need Data Encryption Software for USB Drives?

Usually, it is not compulsory. But, if you are carrying private or sensible information then you should think about encrypting your USB drive. Unlike a conventional hard drive, USB drives are smaller in order circumstances and easy to lose or disremember in public places. In the event of an accident, you don’t have to worry about the details on your USB drive if it is encrypted. Because no one can reach the data without precise authorization.

Best Data Encryption Software

Here are some of the most trustworthy USB encryption software for you to analyze.

Gilisoft USB Encryption

Apart from its resonant UI which is strikingly strange, the program does come bundled with powerful encryption characteristics. Gilisoft is pretty effortless to use and will run automatically once the USB is recognized. Users can determine the size of the encrypted partition and that’s it, the application will automate other means. By default, Gilisoft uses an on-the-fly AES-256 algorithm. Moreover, in the case of any emergencies, Gilisoft also has a recovery advantage to revive your data.

Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault

While there is a bunch of data encryption software for Windows, you barely get any for macOS. Kruptos 2 does the same AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. You get separate variants for Windows, macOS, and Android. The USB encryption manages for USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. The most distinguishing peculiarity is that you can drag and drop files to the software preferably than browsing and selecting files. As soon as you drop the file in the app, press Encrypt and it’s done. The encryption means is reasonably quick and that’s a plus point. You can also prefer to have separate passwords for various files or one master password for all.

USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard is a transferable utility that can be applied to encrypt your drives. Just like the other data encryption software, USB Safeguard also uses the AES-256 algorithm. The UI is somewhat minimal with just the correct amount of options needed to encrypt drives. The good thing about the app is that it enables you to create pragmatic containers to safeguard your data. Moreover, USB safeguard automatically secures the device when it is removed from the system. And this also works if the user lingers idly for a supposed period.


VeraCrypt is arguably one of the most reliable and most successful open-source encryption tools. Moreover, it is a replacement to TrueCrypt which stopped to exist a few years back. VeraCrypt is available free for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. If you want to, you can create protected encrypted volumes within the normal hard drives and USB drives. This option is especially useful when you want to cover the fact that you are encrypting data.


If you love open source applications, then AxCrypt is something you want to count on. AxCrypt is a free, open-source, and GNU GPL-licensed data encryption software that points at being easy, natural, and effective. The most satisfying part of this tool is its combination with the Windows shell. Thanks to that one can simply encrypt a USB drive by right-clicking and selecting the choice “AxCrypt.” Another striking peculiarity of this tool is the timed execution. One can lock down the file for a set interval and set it to open automatically.


If you are a dedicated Windows user and don’t want to use or buy extra software to encrypt your USB drives then the built-in BitLocker is just the most suitable alternative. The only warning is that it comes with a built-in Windows Pro variant onwards. Indicating, you won’t get it if you are on the Home version. Using BitLocker you can encrypt whole drives and volumes/partitions with simply a click or two. Based on your settings, BitLocker users 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption.


DiskCryptor is however another successful, free, and open-source drive and volume data encryption software for Windows. What’s great about DiskCryptor is it gives you a selection between AES-256 bit, Serpent, and Twofish algorithms. Though DiskCryptor holds multiple encryption algorithms, it is very active and the speed is similar to non-encrypted drives. To top it all off, Diskcryptor is very little in file size and employs very little system resources.

Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive has a really easy, minimal app with a straightforward to use user interface. Encrypting a USB drive is merely a few clicks and suitable for users with the smallest knowledge of computers. Just like all other software on this list, Rohos uses the AES-256 bit algorithm and maintains on-the-fly encryption. The big thing about Rohos is that it comes bundled with Rohos Disk Browser services. You can also cover a folder or any other application straight on your USB drive. While encrypting a USB drive, you can create a recovery disk that enables you to recover encrypted data in a circumstance of emergencies.

Cryptainer LE

Cryptainer LE is a different USB encryption software. It can encrypt practically any storage device, be it your conventional hard or a removable device like USB or CD/DVD. The most helpful thing about Cryptainer LE is that it gives you a decision between using the AES-256 bit algorithm or 448-bit Blowfish algorithm to encrypt the USB drive. Just like VeraCrypt, you can create encrypted containers and apply them to immediately read and write data as you want. These encrypted containers resemble any other drive in the File Explorer.

Kakasoft USB Security

All the above software is rather good at USB data protection, but almost every one of them wants you to set up and configure the software to work correctly and optimally. However, if you don’t need to deal with all the trouble of setting up the software and deciding between encryption algorithms then Kakasoft USB Security is for you. Kakasoft USB Security encrypts and password guards your data with merely three clicks. Unlike other software on the list, Kakasoft USB Security places directly on your thumb drive to encrypt and password protects all your information. Once encrypted, it will automatically advise for the password whenever you plug-in the USB drive in any other system. It is easy to use.

Wrapping it up

In a nutshell, encrypting your drives or at most trivial certain volumes that are very relevant to you is always advised. Always keep your pen drive or any other portable devices encrypted to guarantee that your data does not fall into the fallacious holds. For all types of software development services and requirements our team of experts at Skyhidev can help you. Just drop in a message.