Development and innovation manage our life appealing in the circumstances we have never had previously and speed up our lives remarkably. The requirement to develop urges us to grasp new knowledge and audiobook are its latest source. However, reading is a time-consuming method that requires full concentration and commitment. But, nobody has time for that. That implying said, the app for audiobooks appears very handy as it enables you to read on the go whether you are traveling to work, working out, or remaining in a line.

Audible is one of the most influential apps on the market and it has above 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Last year their global audience has downloaded more further than 1.6 billion hours of audio and the estimates are still moving up.

Did you ever admire how to create an audiobook app? What difficulties does this method bring? Let’s take a look at the sample of Audible as well as additional popular apps and find the results.

Why would anyone want to create an audio app?

According to current studies, the expected value of the audiobook business is around $2.8 billion and the amount of audiobooks published is continually growing. In fact, now the audiobook production section has the most significant growth potential in the publishing business. Within the latest few years, the number of audiobooks delivered has risen to 50,000 per year generally. Moreover, the number of audiobook downloads has relinquished the number of e-book downloads back in 2015 and this bias is still running great.

What offers audiobook apps like Audible successful?

The applications arise out of interest and they become successful when the expectations of the users are capped. Amazon’s Audible is a classic illustration of that postulate. They produce a high-quality user experience simultaneously with useful characteristics and that places them on head of the game in their business segment.

Before Audible, a user had to hear audiobooks on a CD or receive them from a website and carry them to a player or phone. And that made such a mere thing as using the audiobook on a device great dealing. Audible has made it so much more comfortable, that it really made more people engrossed in books.

Currently, the audiobook application section provides a lot of possibilities, so no confusion that many investors and development companies are peering into the possibilities to join in and avail from the fullness of the market.

How does it work?

The impression Audible has on the audiobook app market is laborious to exaggerate. And that is only highlighted by the fact that the business model adopted by Audible is generally used by other names as well. Every other Audible option, such as, iTunes, etc. works ample much the identical way.

Fundamentally, it is a subscription type of assistance with the monthly or yearly fee with a regular 30 days free trial possible. Once you are subscribed, you get admittance to over 200,000 items in their inventory. With your subscription, you can download 1 free book per month and get a 30% refund for further downloads. According to statistics, a normal listener downloads around 17 books per year which presents the method very economically.

Where to get the content from?

This question may seem complicated at the first sight, despite, we have some great advice for you:

• Actual books

First of all, you can clean the dirt off your microphone and produce your own audiobooks. Or, possibly, hire a few people who will serve as voice artists for your personal audiobook library. That appears really appealing. Although it will most presumably expect a lot of time, money, and commitment to even get to the point where you will have a strong enough library to benefit your possible audience.

• Marketplace

In case you are less creative and more realistic, you might fancy using ACX. It is a great platform that links all the people included in the audiobook production and release process commonly. Another cool point of ACX is the opportunity to share the end product straight to the desired target, such as Audible, iTunes, and so on.


API is a different excellent option for selling audiobooks. Alternatively of selling the content undeviatingly, some businesses favor sharing it via an API link which presents a different level of restraint over the product. A brilliant example of the implementation of this idea is Findaway, with a base of covering 100,000 items and a huge number of followers.

• Additional content

A prosperous business policy always meets the demand and goes the extra mile. So even if the principal goal of the app is to market subscriptions for audiobooks, additional functions should be on aim as well. They should foretell the requirements of the clients before the clients even understand they have them. In an attempt to accomplish this effect, bookshelves were started, then personalized support altogether with sharing opportunities, offline download, etc.

Final words

The Audiobook application market has a bunch of potential for both financing and modernization. It is currently at its top and can be very successful financially with the right accomplishment of the idea. This article gives all the data required to shape this idea of the sought app and its content. The only thing willed is to deliver it to life. And considering there is no more valid time to do something than now, just communicate with a Skyhidev mobile app development company toronto in Toronto and get one level closer to converting into a part of the audiobook future!