The most advanced and most comprehensive version of Android has been out for a few moons now and has gradually made its way to larger devices. Samsung newly announced the rollout of Android 11 features to some of its Galaxy gadgets, adding new and interesting pieces to the company’s most nocturnal phones. The remainder of the launch will take some time, as is forever the case with larger Android updates.

These are ten Android 11 characteristics and how to manage them.

Conversations are a priority

Android 11 comprises two big enhancements to text conversations on your phone. Firstly, Google now holds your conversations separate from your distinct notifications, giving them preference near the top of your notifications screen. They get their own division, taking preference over erratic pings from other apps, and you can likewise set conversations to a special priority, allowing notifications to come over even if you’ve unless muted notifications.

Power button menu

Holding down the power button related to just display power options, but Google started developing its range with Android 10, and now there’s a full-fledged page that resembles after pressing the button. The emergency, power, and restart buttons are yet there, but they are now accompanied by a control panel for intelligent home devices and a digital wallet.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Furthermore, Google is definitely rolling out its official implementation of communication ‘bubbles.’ If you use Facebook Messenger on Android, you might now know what bubbles are; the feature allows conversations to survive in drifting bubbles that you can move around your screen and enter from inside any app. While developers will have to refresh their app’s code to maintain the feature, I expect the feature to catch on suddenly. While Android has perpetually had an edge over iOS on notifications, today’s update puts it an extra step forward.

Built-in screen recording

Until now, recording your screen on Android has been a piece of a dispute, challenging you to use third-party apps that are often buckboard. Starting now, you can record content on your device — including audio from your mic, device, or sometimes even both — without having to install a different app. To facilitate the characteristic, you may demand to first add it to the active settings menu of your notification screen.

Quick access to smart devices

If you have various smart devices in your home, you know how much of a pain it can be to watch them all — particularly those times the Google Assistant just can’t look to know what you’re trying to say. Google now has a resolution: you can access keys for all your smart gadgets directly from the power button menu. Just long-press on the power button and you’ll see buttons for all the smart lights, locks, thermostats, and whatever more you may have in your place.

Much better media controls

Rearranging audio devices is a little of effort on Android, notably now that Bluetooth headphones are frequently the standard. Android 11 features lets you instantly select your audio output from the notifications screen. Android 11 also presents more general media controls for communicating with your music in the notifications shade. For example, you can now resume a music session right from the said menu – no obligation to open Spotify again after you’ve stopped it. Google says you’ll be capable to switch between apps in the direction they were last played, which is helpful for someone like me who regularly switches between music and audiobooks.

Permissions needn’t be forever

With Android 10, Google began to take privacy a bit more precariously, allowing users to limit something like location access to only operate when you’re really using an app (as encountered in the background). Now the company lets you implement apps one-time access to particular features like your camera or microphone — something that should’ve been done a great time ago. Google also will now automatically reset grants provided to an app if you haven’t used it in a long-drawn time. Google doesn’t define what a long time suggests, but it’s a good safety action should an app be settled or change its privacy policy.

Notification history

Are you ever interested in which apps on your phone are transferring the most push signals? Did you inadvertently clear the notification and you’re not sure if you dropped something extraordinary? If so, you might like Android 11’s new feature called the Notification history page.

Pixel only: Live view Location sharing

While the above characteristics are available to any device running Android 11, Google also has different Pixel exclusives launching.

Live View with Location Sharing enables you to efficiently use turn-by-turn direction to join up with friends who have bestowed their location with you.

Pixel only: Better screenshots and text selection:

Google is also performing it more comfortable to take screenshots and take text from apps. You can now take a screenshot and annotate an image or select any text on the screen.


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